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3 EASY Ways To Eat More Protein

For some reason, athletes love to overthink this…   You know protein is important for a multitude of things when it comes to success as an athlete. It stimulates muscle growth, provides the raw materials for that muscle growth to actually happen, it enhances your recovery from your training,  it helps support your immune system, […]

2 Ways To GUARANTEE Nutritional Success This Week

2 Ways To GUARANTEE Nutritional Success This Week I know… Pretty bold claim… And the craziest part is, Both of these things are EXTREMELY simple… See, when working with high level athletes, a lot of people have a common misconception… They think this stuff has to be complicated… That could not be further from the […]

Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did…

Wanna hear a funny story? When I first got into nutrition, I did what was probably the worst thing I could’ve done for my athletic performance… At the time, I was just about to start my first season playing basketball at the collegiate level… I was doing everything “right” (or at least I thought I […]