Tommy Clark

Here at T. Clark Nutrition, I help driven individuals take their performance and aesthetics to the next level through individualized nutrition coaching. As a former athlete at the college level, I experienced firsthand the level of confusion and uncertainty that exists in the nutrition industry. My mission is to cut through the BS and provide you with a blueprint tailored to your goals, lifestyle and more that will allow you to finally break through the plateau in the gym and in the mirror.


No two people are the same, and their nutrition plans need to reflect that reality! In a space that is overrun with cookie cutter templates and fad diets, I hope to provide you with a better way. To truly see long term success with your performance and aesthetic endeavors, you need a plan that is tailored to YOUR goals, YOUR body, and YOUR lifestyle. That’s exactly what we do here at T. Clark Nutrition and that’s exactly why our clients see such awesome results.